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Quality pet flakes are produced with zero metal.

Uncompromising quality and maintaining the standard, Halifax is a name carved in the recycling industry.

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We have more then 14 years experience in manufacturing.

Gained experience in the field for years now, we have mastered this art of recycling leading to nature conservation.

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Let us join hands in reducing the negative impacts on nature by encouraging recycling and in turn saving fuel, environment, and resources.

The Halifax Greentech LLP was started in the year 2018 by the Halifax group

We take pride in saying that we have 14 years wide experience in the field

Our production capacity of Pet Flakes is around 1200 Tons per month

Know it for the fact that quality per flakes production requires no metals


What We Buy

Plastic bottles (PET) are highly disposed off in the environment that occupies the landfills. That exactly is what we buy for our production process.

Plastic bottles (PET) are a waste to society. We recycle these dumped plastic bottles for a better purpose.

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Recycling Services

Recycle used pet bottles
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We Clean the enviroment. As we remove around 1500 tons of wastage bottles from landspace to save the environment.
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From Waste we create Best.
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Good quality PET FLAKES are produced and we provide them on time as per customer expectation.
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Our Process

  • Step 1 -First we take waste bottles.
  • Step 2 -Bottles are moved to prewash section. Where they would be cleaned.
  • Step 3 -Now washed bottles are moved to Sorting & Label Seperation Section.Where there labels are removed and bottles are sorted.
  • Step 4 -After this bottles are moved to Automatic Sorting section.Where further sorting of bottles is done.
  • Step 5 -This bottles are now moved to manual sorting section. Where they are manually sorted further.
  • Step 6 -This bottles are further moved to WET Grinding Section. Where bottles are grinded in too piecies.
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